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During the Movie After EarthKitai is told by Cypher to "Take a Knee".

History[edit | edit source]

During the War, Cypher learnt that if you are not calm the Ursa will be able to find you. So Cypher kneeled down and calmed himself. He then went on the defeate the Ursa. He told all of his cadets and rangers about what happened and told them if in doubt, they should take a knee.

What does it do?[edit | edit source]

It calms the body, reduces your heart rate and keeps your mind in focus. Because panic in a survival time is not good.

On Earth[edit | edit source]

There are several instances in which Katai takes a knee.

Outside the Ship[edit | edit source]

Kitai walks outside the ship and is on edge.  Cypher immediately tells his son to take a knee.  Kitai does and realizes that his body is heavier than normal.  Cypher explains that the gravity on Earth is heavier than Nova Prime.

After Baboon Encounter[edit | edit source]

After running from the baboons and crossing the water, Kitai continues running which makes Cypher tell him to stop and take a knee.  Immediately after taking a knee, Kitai's suit turns white, signalling that a toxin has entered his body.  After doing a body check, Kitai realizes that a slug attached itself to his left hand.  Kitai immediately panics, and - following his father's instructions - injects himself with the anti-toxin.  Kitai then falls asleep.

After Reaching Ship Tail[edit | edit source]

Kitai reaches the ship's tail and realizing that he can't contact his dad or fire the second emergency beacon, Kitai starts to rampage.  His father can only watch.  In this rage, Cypher calmly says "Take a Knee."  At that moment, Kitai takes a knee to calm himself.  Kitai starts figuring out how to make the becon fire.  He looks toward the mountain after his father pleas that he see the volcano.  Kitai looks toward it and stands.  Cypher calms himself saying, "Good boy.  Good boy."  Kitai sets off for the volcano.

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