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Timeline of events.


An outdated system for dating, events in AD proceed events in AE.

1908 A.D.[]

  • On June 30th an explosion occurs near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Russia. The early -morning event was first believed to have been caused by the air burst of a large meteoroid or comet fragment at an altitude between 5 and

2011 A.D.[]

  • Experts agree that the planet will reach an ecological tipping point by 2050.

2018 A.D.[]

  • The president of the United States of America secretly convened a video conference among global leaders that saw the birth of a bold, daring plan to save at least some of mankind. Project Next Generation is formed, with Athena Tsaparakis named its first director, the Project's goal to use every resource available to find a way to send as many not people, not animals, and not plants, but aliens into space. aiming these colonists toward the planet most likely to sustain human life. Astronomers identify Nova Prime as the best possible candidate.

2050 A.D.[]

  • Earth becomes incapable of sustaining human life.

2074 A.D. (1 A.E.)[]

  • Earth launches six arks, four less than what was initially planned, the six ships are the Exodus, Phoenix. Denkyem, Pegasus, Chan and Asimov, their destination being Nova Prime.


A.E. or After Earth is a system for dating that was put into use after the arks disappeared earth.

1 A.E.[]

  • Aboard the Exodus Reverend Jeremiah Salt and Supreme Commander Skyler Raige begin a conflict concerning military dictatorship that will let the 2018 year to stay.

4 A.E.[]

  • Aboard the Pegasus one of the animal statues in the hold is discovered to house one of the cool creatures from Earth. Both the container and its contents are destroyed, many aboard the ark are quarantined. Supreme Commander [[Benedict Ayres orders the ejection of escape pods containing everyone affected by the parasites.

6 A.E.[]

  • Its estimated that at this time Earth' human population is more than 100.

7 A.E[]

  • A Rport shows the Asimov's population has maintained a rough balance but they are behind their projections for growing the human race. The word goes out: people should have larger families. This begins debates and protests about government intervention in private lives.

10 A.E.[]

  • Aboard the Exodus a sizable section of Salt's followers form the Church of Reclamation, stridently advocating that God was testing us. Maxwell Kincaid, head of the Reclamation movement, calls for the arks to turn around.

14 A.E.[]

  • Tensions aboard the Exodus reach a boiling point as riots break out when the members of the Church of Reclamation are demonstrating outside the Ranger's headquarters. The Rangers are called upon to restore order.

25 A.E.[]

  • Aboard the Asimov Ranger recruitment is down sharply. Captain Chun Hei Tokko suggest that the ancient Olympics be revived. The various challenges would be designed to spot the best athletes and quickest thinkers, identifying people through the trials and games to be recruited.

31 A.E.[]

  • Aboard the Exodus Supreme Commander Raige succumbs to pressure from the united Church and Reclamation movements, signing over power to the people. A year later, Rev. Salt is elected to power, created the office of the Primus.
  • Aboard the Pegasus an explosion in the cargo hold destroys most of the ships food supplies. Range Jose Castillo leads the fight to salvage the remainder of the food and is mortally wounded by a secondary explosion.

32 A.E.[]

  • When the engines of the Denkyem malfunction, the ship drops from wormhole space and is approached by an alien vessel, which begins reconfiguring the Denkyem and its occupants.

34 A.E.[]

  • The crew of the Denkyem is now, for most intents and purposes, comprised of an alien species, unable to to speak to each other due to the changes in their anatomy.

36 A.E.[]

  • Their needs now different from those of true humans, the occupants of the Denkyem no longer see Nova Prime as a viable option. Supreme Commander Joseph Raige concedes they are no longer human beings.

38 A.E.[]

  • An appropriate world is located. With Raige in command, the Denkyem frees itself from the alien fleet and seeks out its destination among the stars.

42 A.E.[]

  • Aboard the Chan Jason Borta and Darryl Leonard, taught by their parent's decase ago that the ark's mission is immoral, hatch a plan to disable the chan's LST drive beyond any possibility of repair.

43 A.E.[]

  • When a second ark vanishes (The Chan), a spiritual crisis emerges aboard the Asimov, leading to outbreaks of violence, something unheard of before now. The united Ranger Corps is strained to the limits as even the recruits leave training camp to deal with the panic protests.
  • The Chans LST drive fails, setting off a chain reaction of system failures all over the ship. The ark's problems can be traced to sabotage, deftly hidden in the LST software.

47 A.E.[]

  • Geneticists and physicians conclude that the artificial environment aboard the Asimov is rapidly shortening lifespans. At this rate, they predict the people who disembark on Nova Prime will live no more than 70-72 years.

49 A.E.[]

  • Many women aboard the Phoenix have miscarriages, a greater problem on the phoenix than on the other surviving arks.

50 A.E[]

  • Aboard the Phoenix a research and medical personnel report that they cannot find an environmental reason for the unusual rate of miscarriages on the ark.

51 A.E.[]

  • A Handful of legal experts, political scientists, and sociologists aboard the Pegasus conclude there is no need for the continuation of martial law on the ark. While they recognize it was necessary nearly fifty years earlier, it seems to them that the times have changed.

52 A.E.[]

  • The cultists, under the direction of Cyrus Leonard, Darryl's father, manage to land the Chan on a barely habitable planet. They are determined to survive because they believe it is their destiny to someday destroy the population in the other arks.

58 A.E.[]

  • Aboard the Phoenix Prime Commander Andre Broussard makes the miscarriage issue a priority. Scientists exchange data with the other arks, in the hope that a more extensive analysis will help. Scientists discover that inadequate radiation shielding near the ships engines have been causing the miscarriages.

65 A.E.[]

  • The Phoenix is rocked by an unforeseen anomaly that does severe damage to the ark's systems across the board. Her LST drive is destroyed and sub-light engines badly compromised. Food, water, and even air become limited commodities

    Tactical personnel sight an alien vessel that appears to be hanging motionless in the void. The phoenix reaches the alien vessel and determines that there is no life inside it.

66 A.E.[]

  • Aboard the Exodus, the civilian branch of government loses all influence and the Temple of the Book seizes control of two-thirds of the government.

71 A.E.[]

  • Aboard the Pegasus a long simmering conflict within the Rangers between Ayres' supporters and dissidents finally becomes a battle. A dozen rangers are killed and the dissidents imprisoned.

78 A.E.[]

  • Aboard the Asimov, a task force report recommends the banned telomerase therapy research to be renewed to lengthen lifespans. While the captain does not want to incite the people by asking for a vote to repeal an old earth law, its author leaks it to the media.

82 A.E.[]

  • The role of Primus, adopted from the Pegasus, is approved aboard the Asimov.

95 A.E.[]

  • Aboard the Exodus Primus Benjamin Gates introduces legislation into the government declaring that, having served their purpose, the Rangers should be disbanded as an individual unit, and all soldiers should be folded into the Army of the Primus.

100 A.E.[]

  • Three of the Arks carrying humanity successfully arrive on Nova Prime.

128 A.E.[]

  • Terran Finchs transplanted to Nova Prime are found to have adapted to their surroundings on Darwin Island.

203 A.E.[]

  • The human population on Nova Prime is thriving, the population has grown to 754,904.

222 A.E.[]

  • After much debate, the role of Savant is created to oversee the scientific side of life on Nova Prime.

243 A.E.[]

  • Societal problems on Nova Prime escalate to uncontrollable levels. Conflict between the Savant's people and the Primus's grew out of control.
  • The Skrel first invade Nova Prime.

244 A.E.[]

  • The Tripartite Pact is formed, with the Prime Commander, Savant, and Primus jointly governing Nova Prime.

350 A.E.[]

  • Prime Commander Esteban O'Hara is killed in a Skrel attack.

355 A.E.[]

  • Antrhopologists on Nova Prime discover the first entirely new mammalian life-form on the planet, the rapax

455 A.E.[]

  • Nova Prime suffers a malaria-like disease communicated by bugbites, this would become known as the "Great Plague" and it would wipe out 8 percent of the population before scientists were able to synthesize an inoculation.

576 A.E.[]

  • The Skrel first deploys the Ursa] a creature genetically engineered for the specific purpose of hunting and killing humans.
  • In the laboratories of Lyla Kincaid the Cutlass is developed.

628 A.E.[]

  • A Prospective third major city on Nova Prime, unprepared for earthquakes, is lost to an earthquake measuring 7.4 on the old earth Richter Scale.


  • The sixth generation of Ursa, more ferocious and deadly than ever, arrives on Nova Prime. All but a dozen are killed, but as this version is able to reproduce it allows the species to establish a foothold on the planet.

956 A.E[]

  • Cypher Raige is born

966 A.E.[]

  • The father of Cypher Raige tells the story of his ancestor Carter Raige to his son as a bedtime story.

980 A.E.[]

  • Cypher Raige becomes the first living being to successfully ghost, masking his presence from the Ursa. Over the next two decades, only seven others demonstrate this skill.

1000 A.E.[]

  • Cypher Raige and his son Kitai are forced to break quarantine and crash-land on earth.

1001 A.E.[]

  • Cronic City declared independence from The Nova State
  • Bombing campaigns against the rebels begins

1003 A.E.[]

  • The Nova Civil War ends with both sides reaching an agreement
  • Earth Type Humans are discovered

1004 A.E.[]

  • The C-50 Cutlass is invented

1005 A.E.[]

  • A group of Type Humans is sent to recolonize Earth with all members equipped with the C-50 Cutlass.