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Skyler Raige
Vital statistics
Position Prime Commander United Ranger Corps
Age 37
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 87cm
Weight 72kg

Skyler Raige (15th April 2047 - 14th July 2076) was the first Prime Commander of the United Ranger Corps in 2065.

Early Life[]

Raige was born and raised in Arlington, Virginia, the son of  John Raige, who worked with the government in the plan to leave Earth.

In 2053 Raige joined the US army, but then left to join the United Ranger Corps.

United Ranger Corps[]

Raige became the Prime Commander of the United Ranger Corps in 2065. His work made him famous, after leaving the US army.

Raige came up with ideas for training rangers which will place all of our nations into one.