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Raige Family Home.

The Raige family is a highly influential and well-respected family on Nova Prime, this family has been a part of the United Ranger Corp since the beginning when it was founded on earth.




  • Viktor Radoslav - A scientist who first started project Lightstream in 1908 and is the Patriarch of the Raige Family. Father of Thomas Raige.
  • Thomas Raige - Son of Viktor Radoslav, who moved to America, changed last name to Raige, and continued working on project Lightstream.
  • Skyler Raige I -
  • Skyler Raige II - The first Supreme Commander of the Rangers in 2065 AD. Was born in 2036 AD.
  • Skyler Raige III -
  • Joseph Raige - A Ranger with the rank of Lieutenant and the cousin of Skyler Raige II.
  • Michael Raige - A commanding general for the rangers, died from illness in 243 A.E. he was succeeded by Patrick Wulf
  • Jason Raige - Second in command to Commander General Patrick Wulf.
  • Carter Raige - A boy in the year 243 A.E., one of the first witness' to the Skrel invasion. Later on became Prime Commander.
  • Joshua Raige - Was Prime Commander some time before the start of the 576 AE war and was succeeded by Meredith Wilkins. Husband of Rosaria Raige and father of Frank Raige, Torrance Raige, and Theresa Raige.
  • Theresa Raige - Oldest child of Joshua Raige and and an augur.
  • Frank Raige - The son of Joshua Raige and father of Conner Raige. Gifted Ranger pilot with the rank of Captain who was killed by an Ursa in 576 AE.
  • Rebecca Raige - Wife of Frank Raige and mother of Conner Raige.
  • Torrance Raige - Son of Joshua Raige, husband of Bonita Raige, and a Ranger. Died in 576 AE fighting an Ursa.
  • Bonita Raige - Wife of Torrance Raige. A Ranger with the rank of Commander who was killed by an Ursa during the War of 576 AE. Was the first Ranger to wound an Ursa and expose a weakness.
  • Conner Raige - Son of Frank Raige. Was a Ranger Cadet at the start of the first Ursa conflict in the War of 576 AE who became Prime Commander after the death of Prime Commander Meredith Wilkins. Killed the first Ursa, introduced the Cutlass, and wiped out all 1st Generation Ursa.
  • Hunter Raige - Husband of Jennipher Raige, father of Lorenzo Raige, twin brother of Vanessa Raige. Prime Commander during the 2nd Ursa assault in 651 AE. Killed in action.
  • Jennipher Raige - Wife of Hunter Raige and mother of Lorenzo Raige. Died during childbirth after an Ursa attack in 651 AE.
  • Lorenzo Raige - Son of Hunter and Jennipher Raige. Raised by his aunt Vanessa Raige and her husband Trent.
  • Vanessa Raige - A Commander in the Rangers Corps, became interim leader for all three branches of government after the Primus, Savant, and Prime Commander died in the 2nd Ursa attack in 651 AE. Twin sister of Hunter Raige, wife of Trent, aunt and adoptive mother of Lorenzo Raige.
  • Mark Raige - Father of Khantun Raige and husband of Samatha Raige. Was Prime Commander some time before his daughter's predecessor, Nathan Kincaid, was. Had to resign due to an injury in the line of duty that left him paralyzed.
  • Samantha Raige - Wife of Mark Raige and mother of Samantha Raige.
  • Khantun Timur Raige - Became Prime Commander in 917 AE. Was the Prime Commander during the Skrel attack in 933 AE. Took command of all three branches of the government taking the title of Imperator. Known as the Iron Queen and was regarded as one of the greatest leaders of all time. Mother of Brom Raige and daughter of Mark and Samantha Raige.
  • Brom Raige - Son of Khantun Raige.
  • Senshi Raige - The deceased daughter of Cypher and Faia Raige.