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Project: Next Generation is an App that featured on the After Eath Facebook Page.


The app is about informing people about Earth and how bad it has become. It alows the user to be one of the 750,000 men, women and children who will escape from Earth.

The Trium[]

The Trium is a row of questions that the member needs to complete in order to board an ark. All Ark members must first pass The Trium. Known for its simplicity and speed, The Trium accurately assigns duties and services for recruits on the Arks.

Ark Access Granted[]

Once you have completed The Trium's first row questions, you are taken to another page where you can select your class. Below are the following classes:


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For humanity to live, it must move forward. Historians, however, live to preserve the past. The farther we stray from Earth, the more important it becomes to remember what we left. Their records teach the next generations, who never lived on Earth, the history of the human race. Historians prepare us for what is ahead by remembering what we left behind.


A well-fed crew is a happy crew, so the Chef's mission is to keep everyone happy. Additionally, Chefs act as food historians that preserve and pass their knowledge through generations. However, with strict food rationing, Chefs must be creative with recipes while maintaining healthy nutrition.

Maintenance Class[]

They may not be celebrated war heroes or scientists, but the maintenance class is essential to easing everyday life on the Ark. Their duties are pivotal to making the pilgrimage through space a tolerable one.


The Arbiter is judge, jury, and, sometimes, executioner in all legal matters across the fleet. They handle Ark investigations and, in doing so, developed a swift and precise system of processing criminal matters. Arbiters face constant accusations of corruption. Though most are virtuous, the crimes of a few have blemished the Arbiter name. There are records of Arbiters who have sentenced themselves to death.


Humanity maybe able to escape Mother Nature, but it cannot escape the threat of human nature. Snakes run the Black Market. They control corrupt officials by pulling the strings on sinister Ark endeavors. Snakes are masters of deception. Although strongest in the shadows, only a fool believes Snakes are weak when standing in the light.

After Registration[]

After the registration the member is taken to another page to choose an ark.


A chosen few of the Earth's population will voyage through the stars in search of a new home: Nova Prime.

While most recruits have already joined the trek, there remain some who have not yet reported for duty. Project Next Generation Director Athena Tsaparkis tasks you to find these missing recruits by any means necessary – our existence depends on it.

They are humanity’s last hope.