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Travel Capable Transport, Class B (Hesper)
Black Model
Black Model
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Type Class-B
Creator Tyler Flinn
Main Dock Nova Prime Air Station

The Hesper AH-230 is a Class-B transport is the standard transportation vehicle for cargo and Rangers on Nova Prime and its colonized space.


The Class-B Transports were constructed by Tyler Flinn, a well known spacewright on Nova Prime.

The ships were intended as cargo haulers only, but with their flexibility and rugged design they soon became a major transportation system for Rangers and Cadets.


There have been two reported losses of Class-B transports.

The first ship lost was the Agnon (AH-175). The Agnon was carrying food supplies in local Nova Prime space when it was attacked by the Skrel. The wreckage crashed in the north western quadrant of Nova Prime.

The Second loss was of the Hesper (AH-230), which experienced a forced landing on Earth after taking foreign object damage. Most of the crew and boarded Rangers were lost but there were two survivors, a Ranger Corps General and his son; both of who were subsequently recovered.

The Ship was carrying a Ursa. The presence of this life form on board the Hesper complicated the safe recovery of survivors.

Parts of the Ship[]

  • The Cockpit (restricted to flight crew only).
  • Passanger Berths (lateral and medial of the ship's center line)
  • Cargo Bays (number and location depending on ships mission/load out)
  • Control Surfaces (which contain the engine/travel units)
  • Aft Fuselage (fuel/mechanical systems, life support)