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Kitai using the "ghosting" technique for the first time ever.

Ghosting is a technique of overcoming fear by living in the present as explained by Cypher to his son Kitai. Fear rises from the anxiety of the unknown, the future. But by living in the present, feeling the surroundings and thus not worrying about the future will let one to submerge fear to a high extent. This ability makes the practitioner invisible to Ursa.


Cypher told a story to his son about how he created the "ghosting" technique. He said that it happened when he was attacked by an Ursa, and all he thought was that he didn't want anyone to control his fate except for himself. 

On Earth

Fighting the Ursa[]

Running toward the mountain, the Ursa sets a pheromone trigger, successfully making the young cadet scared.  After trying and unsuccessfully firing the beacon, Kitai readies himself to take on the Ursa.  After being overpowered by the Ursa, Kitai - on a cliff on the volcano - starts the sequence to fire the beacon.  Before he can however, the Ursa grabs Kitai and slams himself a cliff wall.  After a flashback involving his sister, Senshi, Kitai - remembering his father's words - starts to level himself.  Despite not taking a knee, Kitai "Ghosts" as his father did that earned him his legendary status.  The Ursa, unable to detect Kitai, walks right above him.  After the Ursa walks over him, Kitai sits upright, and eventually stands up straight.  He grabs his weapon, and brings out a double blade.  He slices off one of the Ursa's front legs.  After throwing the cutlass at the Ursa and missing a couple of the Ursa's spit attacks, he realizes he has to go for the emergency beacon.  After narrowly missing it, he continues to fight the Ursa.  The now-fearless Kitai, turning the separated cutlass into huge tridents, kills the Ursa right before it is able to take him over the cliff.  His father watched all of this happen.  Afterwards, Kitai successfully launches the beacon.