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The Cutlass is the most iconic and important weapon of the Rangers.


The cutlass is the Ranger's greatest weapon; an extension of the strength that comes from within. The lightweight handled weapon is both versatile and elegant, using hundreds of metal fibers to form numerous weapon configurations from both ends of the handle.


Used in attack, self-defense, and survival conditions, the Cutlass blends seamlessly into a rangers lifesuit and can be activated with quick finger inputs on the handle.


The cutlass was first developed in 576 A.E. with the assistance of Lyla Kincaid in her laboratories, but the fundamental technologies that would become the basis of the weapon were first used in 243 A.E. to combat the Skrel.


There are currently four different cutlass models in use amongst Humanity.


The C-10 cutlass is the model given to cadets and is the lightest at 2.5 kilograms. It is also the simplest to master, and all cadets train with this model until they become full-fledged Rangers. As a homage to the Rangers who used the F.E.N.I.X.-based system so admirably in their first encounter with the Ursa, the C-10 provides its user with only the original complement of three shapes: point, flat blade, and hook.


The C-20, until recently the weapon of choice for newly appointed Rangers, is seldom used anymore because it is heavier and less versatile than the C-30 model that replaced it. The C-20 weighs 3.3 kilograms and boasts an array of twelve configurations, including a point, flat blade, hook, oar, and sickle. Despite its drawbacks, the C-20 is still spoken of in reverent terms since it was the model used by Cypher Raige when he became the first Ranger to single-handedly kill an Ursa.


The most sophisticated model, the C-40, is reserved for the Prime Commander, field leaders, and veterans who have passed rigorous testing. It boasts an array of twenty-two configurations-many more than most Rangers can effectively handle. It also weighs a heft 4 kilograms, which some Rangers consider a drawback in an Ursa encounter, where a hundredth of a second can mean the difference between life and death.


The latest model, the C-50 is the first cutlass variation to include a Shield as its twenty-third configuration and is 4.5 kilograms. The C-50 is still being tested.


  • A Cutlass is a traditional naval weapon.
  • Cutlass has better range and stopping power than a single configuration heavy branch/improvised club.
  • Cutlass has been known to swash buckles (up to 20cm).