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Rangers are required to wear full fit bodysuits.


Bodysuits were designed by the Nova Prime stylists after arriving there. They had to know what types of conditions they were dealing with so it took them 3-5 months to create the suits.

The suit covers the whole body except for the head. They are tight but very protective.

The suits have a built in camouflage function that activates whenever a possible threat is detected, automatic flight suit, and wrist HUD that also acts as a communicator. They also have a detachable backpack that comes on the suit and is preloaded with 5 vials of breathing fluid, a direct-to-heart delivery syringe and multiple stage universal antidote, and a special nook for a Cutlass.

The standard appearance is black/brown. When a threat is detected, the color suit changes to black. When wearer of the suit requires medical attention, the suit changes to white. When the threat or medical condition is no longer a problem, the suit reverts to its standard appareance.