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After Earth: Innocence
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Vital statistics
Author Michael Jan Friedman; Robert Greenberger
Illustrator Benito Lobel
Published on Nov 14, 2012
Published by Dynamite; (print)
Del Rey (Kindle)

The After Earth: Innocence is a one-shot prequel comic book for the movie. It is published by Dynamite, written by Michael Jan Friedman; Robert Greenberger, and illustrated by Benito Lobel. A Kindle edition is available, published by Del Rey.

Comic book
Publisher: Dynamite (2012)
File Size: 14204 KB
Print Length: 36 pages
Publisher: Del Rey (November 14, 2012)
Sold by: Random House LLC
ASIN: B00A038662

Publisher description[]

Comic book

(W) Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger (A) Bennie Lobel (CA) TBD The official prequel comic to the upcoming film, After Earth, starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith. Hundreds of years after humans fled Earth to escape its toxic atmosphere, the remaining survivors colonize a remote planet and begin to rebuild civilization - but the society they create suffers from deep divisions, with scientific innovators and spiritual leaders often at bitter odds. Even worse, humanity has come under assault by a mysterious alien species, and mankind must band together to protect their new homeworld. Written by Michael Jan Friedman and Robert Greenberger with artwork by Beni Lobel (G.I. Joe: Cobra, G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes).


A thrilling prequel comic book to After Earth, the highly anticipated science fiction adventure film starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith!


More than two centuries ago, as Earth’s atmosphere became too toxic to support life, humans fled the only home they had ever known. The survivors wandered the universe for a hundred years in massive spaceship “arks.” They colonized a remote planet, Nova Prime, and began to rebuild civilization. Humanity had yet to make contact with another intelligent species. Until now.

243 A.E.: “After Earth.” Even on this new planet, society is suffering from deep divisions, with scientific innovators and spiritual leaders often at bitter odds. But when a terrifying assault by an alien species, the Skrel, interrupts life on Nova Prime, the last humans must band together to protect their fragile claim. Their best hope might be Jason Raige, an ace pilot of the United Ranger Corps, but in the chaos a new hero emerges: Jason’s twelve-year-old son, Carter. The age of innocence is over—and the future is just beginning.

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